Course in Brief: (Beginners Level, CBSE class XI and XII students)

Introduction, Basic Tokens

Input/Output Functions, Control Structure

Strings, Container Types (List, Set, Tuple, Dictionary)

Functions/Procedures, Modules, Packages, Exceptions

Object-Oriented Approach

Data Files, Database with MongoDB, MySQL

Web programming with DJango


Prerequisites for this course:

No prior programming knowledge,

Learners’ must have a system with any 64-bit OS (preferably Windows 10 OS)


Course Details

  1. Python installation and Setting up the environment with different IDEs
    1. Writing your first Python Program
    2. Structure of a Python Program
    3. Basic Tokens (Data Types, Literals / Identifiers), Expressions and Operators
  1. Standard I/O operations
    1. input() / print() methods
    2. Formatted print()
  2. Control Structures (with hands-on exercises)
    1. if, if-else, if-elif
    2. while, for
    3. break, continue & pass
  3. Strings & Container Types
    1. Strings and its methods
    2. Container types (List, Set, Tuple, Dictionary)
    3. Operations like Indexing, Slicing, Comparing, Searching
  4. Functions and Procedures
    1. Design with functions & procedures: arguments and return
    2. Lambda (Anonymous) functions
    3. check icon Global and local variables
    4. Program structure and design
    5. Recursive functions
  5. Modules & Packages
    1. Importing module with import & from
    2. Creating your own modules & packages/sub-packages
  6. Exception Handling
    1. Exceptions & Errors
    2. Types of Exception
    3. Use of try, except and final block
    4. Control Flow in Exceptions
  7. Stream file Input/output Operation
    1. Streams, File class and its methods.
    2. Creating and working with files
    3. Working with CSV files and CSV Module
  1. Python-Data Base Communication
    1. Database & its types
    2. SQL & NoSQL
    3. MySQL
    4. Creating Database
    5. Executing the Queries
    6. Executing DML Operations
  2. Introduction to Python Web Frameworks
    1. Installing and setting up Django
    2. Designing Web Pages
    3. Flask